Water is the new oil

April 21, 2014 admin

Last week, Institutional Real Estate, Inc. held the annual spring Editorial Advisory Board meeting for The Institutional Real Estate Letter – Americas in Laguna Beach, Calif., and let me tell you, I would not be doing it justice if I said it was merely informative.

Many topics were covered from real assets to the suburbs to even possible future investments in Africa. But the one topic that caught my attention was the large discussion that revolved around water being the new oil.

This very informative article from The New York Times explains more than I can in a short blog post. The article discusses a situation in Texas, but the same situation is arising all around the country.

The process of desalination is becoming more of a reality than an idea as of late, and that could lead to an even bigger project such as the one described in this article from The International Business Times, where salt water could be used to power ships instead of fuel (water=energy). That could lead to a whole revolution for the nautical and automotive industries.

Needless to say, this idea of water becoming the new oil is becoming more and more of a reality every day, and it seems to be getting investors attention.

What do you think? Is energy (water) going to be more profitable than real estate?

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DenisefinalwebDenise DeChaine is special projects editor at Institutional Real Estate, Inc.

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