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January 4, 2017 admin

Martin “Marty” Anderson, deputy CIO of the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System of Arizona, passed away in December.

Anderson had more than 20 years of experience in investments, real estate, investment banking and business. He had responsibility across the portfolio, focused toward the system’s private market/alternative investment vehicles and was a senior member of the internal investment committee.

He will be missed by many in the real estate investment community.

“Marty was one of my favorite people and investors. He was truly a gentleman and an expert in his field, even a craftsman, who went about his genius quietly, humbly but with great conviction.”
— Eric Mogentale, managing principal, Walton Street Capital

“Our world and this industry has lost another incredibly special person.
Marty was larger than life. While many saw Marty as quiet and reserved, those who got to know him, knew better. Marty was as intelligent as any Ivy League–trained New York financier. Marty was honorable, loyal, strong, humble, insightful, brilliant, funny and worldly. Marty was an overall great guy. I would look forward to having dinner with him and discuss so many topics, including business, politics and the world.
Marty had such incredible insight and conviction. In a political industry, Marty did not concern himself with personal consequences when fighting for what was right and just. Marty did not ever compromise his integrity and the resolve do what is right.
Marty was not just a client to me. He was a dear friend, partner and confidant on everything personal, professional and even geopolitical issues.
Marty’s investment sense was better than anyone I have ever met. He never met a great idea he didn’t pursue for PSPRS. Timing, politics, process or any other obstacles did not stand in the way of pursuing an investment opportunity that would benefit PSPRS.
I admire Marty so much. Despite many health and other work-related political challenges, Marty never lost his way. He maintained strength, composure and resolve to carry on and always do the right thing. The lessons Marty taught me, both personal and professional, will always be with me. I know I am a better person to have gotten to know Martin John Anderson.
Marty, rest in peace. Your legacy will be carried on by so many of us. We will miss you.”
— Ed Schwartz, managing director, ORG Portfolio Management

“Arizona’s public safety personnel lost a great man in Marty Anderson. Our industry knew and respected Marty as a truly talented and principled investor. Marty was a great friend of our firm, Fundamental Advisors. He was engaged with our firm and our activities as much as (if not more than) any of our other investors. In a world where folks spend a lot of time worrying about appearances and norms, Marty’s sole guiding principle it seemed was stewarding his constituents’ capital to the very best of his ability and with an unparalleled level of care. Marty’s dialogue with us was always honest, succinct and in the service of his current and future pensioners. His judgment was always sound. On a personal level, I trusted and respected Marty completely. He always operated at the highest level of integrity. Marty didn’t know any other way. He simply delivered his best effort every single day and thought that was the only way to operate.
I will remember Marty forever: unfiltered but kind, uniquely dedicated to his professional responsibilities. Rest in peace, Marty Anderson.”
— Laurence Gottlieb, chairman and CEO, Fundamental Advisors

“Marty was taken from us too soon and will be greatly missed. He was one of those people whose characteristics continued to reveal themselves to you over time. I recall meeting him for the first time and thinking that he was smart and took his job very seriously. He asked all of the right questions and was very frank about both what he liked about our strategy and where his concerns were. I would attribute that to his Minnesota upbringing, where people are frank, yet polite. As my partners and I got to know him better, we recognized that not only was he smart and serious, but also loved a good laugh and had a wonderful sense of humor.
On behalf of all of us at Greenfield Partners, we have lost a partner and a dear friend. Our condolences to his wife, parents and his entire family.”
— Dean Sotter, COO, Greenfield Partners

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