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March 19, 2014 admin

Front cover TIREL-AP April 2014The April edition of our Asia Pacific publication, The Institutional Real Estate Letter – Asia Pacific, is devoted to articles on China. We have prepared many interesting features in collaboration with our editorial contributors from the industry who have shared their knowledge and experience in China.

Needless to say, the subject of China is complex and complicated. While the gathering and publishing of economic data and statistics have improved, the reporting and interpretation of these data remains subject to personal interpretation and bias. Many writers and analysts have an axe to grind. And, as was noted on many occasions by various sources, the government-reported data often serve political purposes and remain unreliable, so it is not so easy to get to the bottom of many matters.

I encourage anyone with even a passing interest in China to take a look at the latest issue.

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AlexFinalv3webAlex Eidlin is managing director – Asia Pacific with Institutional Real Estate, Inc.

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