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August 17, 2016 admin

Every year, Institutional Real Estate, Inc. teams up with Property Funds Research to survey real estate investment managers from around the globe for a Global Investment Managers report. We survey them on their assets under management, how many vehicles they have, where they invest globally and so forth.

This year’s survey showed a number of managers enjoyed double-digit growth in AUM during the past year. The industry’s top two largest investment managers, Brookfield Asset Management, with $149.8 billion in AUM as of year-end 2015, and The Blackstone Group, with $147.6 billion in AUM, recorded growth of 19 percent and 22 percent, respectively, based on figures reported in the prior year’s survey. The two behemoths continue to outpace others in the industry, as there is a growing and sizable gap between them and the other largest investment management firms.

This year’s report captures data on 194 real estate investment managers around the globe. As a group, they control nearly $2.8 trillion of real estate assets. Also indicative of the jump in AUM, the top 10 largest managers, as a group, experienced a 12 percent increase from the previous year; the top 100 managers recorded a 14 percent increase.

Similar to years past, the data shows a strong concentration of assets held by the industry’s largest firms. The Big Two — Brookfield and Blackstone — account for 10.6 percent of the collective AUM reported by the 194 firms in the survey. The top 10 firms represent 33 percent of aggregate AUM, while the top 20 investment managers account for 53 percent.

For more trends and a more in-depth look into the report, click here. There is also a version that tracks assets in euros, available here.

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Denise DeChaine is special projects editor and video production specialist with Institutional Real Estate, Inc.

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