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AshleeI’m sure most of you have someone similar to Ashlee Emerson Lambrix in your lives. Someone who always has a positive attitude, flashes a special smile and has a knowing twinkle in their eyes; someone who is vibrant and always a joy to be around. That was Ashlee. She brightened the lives of everyone she knew, including mine.

Sadly, Ashlee passed away on Jan. 12 after a two-and-a-half year battle with a rare form of cancer — Rhabdomyosarcoma. Punctuating the sadness of this story, Ashlee was only 32. This cancer is so rare that only 120 in 1 million children will be diagnosed each year, and only a handful will be diagnosed over the age of 20. Ashlee’s case was one of those statistical anomalies. Throughout her ordeal and many treatments, she always exhibited amazing courage and inner strength. But in the end, it wasn’t enough.

Ashlee joined Institutional Real Estate, Inc. 10 years ago, fresh after graduating from Sonoma State University. She was quickly promoted to more senior responsibilities, eventually being appointed to head up our data services department. As the leader of our data services department, Ashlee prided herself not only in understanding the data, but in understanding our clients’ needs, and of being as responsive as possible to their custom data requests. Those of you who worked with our firm over the past decade more than likely had interactions with Ashlee and know that she was a special woman.

Ashlee is survived by her loving parents, Tim and Karrie Emerson, and her brother, Taylor, as well as her devoted husband Scott and four-year-old son, Hudson.

Our time with Ashlee was much too short, but it serves as a reminder that life is precious. Each day is a gift. So take a moment, today, to count your blessings and hug your loved ones.

To honor her memory, we have established the Hudson Lambrix Education Trust (aka the Ashlee Lambrix Memorial Trust for the Education of Hudson Lambrix). Donations in honor of Ashlee may be sent to the Hudson Lambrix Education Trust, c/o Institutional Real Estate, Inc., 2274 Camino Ramon, San Ramon, CA 94583.

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