July 28, 2014 admin

Last month I introduced you to one of the latest and greatest technology updates that has been taking place at Institutional Real Estate, Inc. — videos.

I explained that these new, longer videos would include one-on-one interviews with Geoffrey Dohrmann, but in addition to that, we will have longer videos and interviews with industry professionals discussing market trends, what their company is up to in the market, forecasting, etc. Also, we will continue to have short two- to five-minute videos with industry professionals discussing current trends in the market today.

Below (and at this link) you will find Amy Price, chief operating officer at Bentall Kennedy, discussing the organization’s efforts to accelerate its expansion into the United States.

To view the entire list of videos we have to offer thus far, click here, and stay tuned!

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DenisefinalwebDenise DeChaine is special projects editor and video production specialist at Institutional Real Estate, Inc.

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