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June 26, 2013 admin

Institutional Real Estate, Inc. launched a new website and an overhaul of its publications at the start of the year. I manage the newsfeeds on the website and the IREN publication, which went from a weekly email newsletter to daily emails with a wrap-up of the week’s news every Friday.

Six months have passed. And it has been busy. We have reached a milestone for IREN. We made a goal for IREN of breaking and writing 200 original news stories by the end of June.

We accomplished our 200-story goal early. The 200th IREI News story was: “CCCERA invests $60 million in two real estate funds.”

To date, IREN has published 226 original news stories. And the month isn’t even done yet.

Although this is a quantity set goal, it does not overshadow the quality of news IREN aims to publish. I hope you find these original stories informative with high value.

Some of the big original headlines news IREN covered in the past six months includes:

To read more IREN original news, see the IREI News tab on our newsfeed. IREN hopes to continue the momentum and reach 600 original news stories by the end of the year.

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AndreafinalwebAndrea Waitrovich is web content editor at Institutional Real Estate, Inc.

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